Monday, May 02, 2011

Classic Winnie The Pooh

We've bought almost everything for our little angel and yet still not enough. I am crazy about Classic Winnie the Pooh and obviously I will make my little angel to wear as much as Winnie the Pooh as possible.

However, the Classic Winnie the Pooh product is a bit pricy which I only realise when I start looking for a set of extra matress sheet come with 2 bolster and pillow cases cost me more than a starter pack set.

Anyway, what can I say, I love Winnie the Pooh so much and hope my little angel would have the same love towards the character. :P

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Diapers oh diapers

As a mom-to-be, I am still searching for the right diapers. I've asked friends opinion and the feedback that I've received is about the same.

1) Don't buy expensive diapers for newborn since the little angel will use 10-12 diapers/day. Keyword: BE ECONOMICAL!!!
2) Try the cheap one first (0.50 cent and below). It is not because you're so calculative but you're wasting of resources. It is good to keep extra money for emergency and saving for the little angel
3) Expensive doesn't mean good. Some little angel would have rashes due to sensitive skin. Thefore, start from the cheap one and move up to expensive one
4) Local supermarket brand doesn't mean bad. Sometimes even better
5) Sample pack is not enough to justify the sensitivity of the little angel skin. So, buy 52 pieces/pack and see the outcome
6) Do market research and compare the price before deciding what to buy and how many pack. As a start, buy 1 bag only and if not enough, send someone to buy. You can't go shopping during confinement time. Rest at home and get to know your little angel better before you go back to work.
7) People do say that clothes diapers is enviroment friendly and economical. However, if you're working mother do you think that you would have time in the world to manage that? For me, frankly speaking I would go for disposable diapers. I am very busy person even for now my daily schedule is pack already with work and part-time posgraduate studies.

Anyway, so far I've carried out research at few stores for certain brands. Haven't complete my research. Perhaps by end of next week I would have all data in hand for price comparison.

For now, I just enjoy myself window shopping for all basic items. Is not only limited to diapers but I'm checking other product prices as well. :)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Baby stuff

Surprisingly today I've managed to stay at home without watching tv for the wholeday. I think because I am desperately need to finish my reading since I am seating for Modern & Organizational Management exam tomorrow. Sunday got exam meh? Not so fun.

Let see what I did today other than study? Surfing for baby stuff. What else.

Made up my mind that we will start purchasing follow items by end of this month and next month...

1) Hensvik cot = RM399

2) Changing table = RM319.20

3) Petite Star Zia+ = GBP 109.99

Thats our target for now. :)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The best ever gift

30 Mac 2011, genap 3 tahun perkahwinan kami. Ulang tahun sudah-sudah, kami bertukar-tukar hadiah. I bought what he want and he bought what I want.

Tahun ni lain. No exchange gift session. Kami dapat hadiah daripada Illahi, we are going to be mommy & daddy soon.... Itulah hadiah yg paling mahal kami terima tahun ni.

Mungkin bagi setengah orang, itu biasa. Tp masih ingatkah anda disaat anda mengetahui bahawa anda akan menimang cahaya mata yang pertama? Bagaimana perasaan anda?

Begitulah kami... Excited sungguh.

Sekarang ni kami sibuk membeli keperluan bayi. Boleh tahan juga kalau nak kira persediaan asas. Tapi takperlah demi anakanda tercinta, mommy & daddy sanggup berjimat cermat untuk beli keperluan baby.

Buat masa ni kami beli barang berperingkat. Tak boleh nak beli semua sekali harung, nanti tak makan kami. So far, tinggal barang besar yg perlu kami beli dalam masa 2 bulan ni since my pregnancy dah masuk 6 bulan. Manalah tahu tiba-tiba terbersalin awal, cian anak mommy takde katil lagi & mommy takde breast pump nak perah susu untuk anak mommy.

Sebut pasal katil & breast pump... Harga boleh tahan jugak. Katil 1 set dengan tilam dah RM800. So ujung bulan ni kami nak beli katil. then bulan depan beli breast pump. Memula ingat nak beli manual breast pump, tapi my mom cakap nanti tercabut tangan nak mengepam. So, atas nasihat my mom, kami pun bercadang untuk membeli Ameda Lactaline.

Kenapa Ameda? So far, kami buat research over the internet... Kelebihan Ameda, the teats size is variable. So takde ler kena paksa muatkan juga. Then walaupun nampak mahal, tapi kuasa suction dia satisfiable (according to the research again) dan juga senyap. Takdeler 1 opis dengar. Anyway part harga tuh, telan air liur dan kena pejam mata nampaknya. Hasil research kami standby ler RM800-950, tengok pada package yang ada di pasaran. Kalau standalone jer, RM750.

Apa pun, kami bercadang nak gi shopping kat Pureen Sales kat PJ on 23-24 April dan Baby Fair kat Midvalley on 6-8 May 2011. :)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

My beauty regime

Recently wrinkles start to appear under my eyes and frackles started to grow above my cheek. I am aging!!!

I was thinking to seek skin specialist treatment but after some thinking I've decided to do product test and doctor would be the last one.

I went to a hypermarket near to my mother's place this afternoon and walked into Avon dealer. Asked them whether they have Avon Anew Rejuvenation in their stock. The first catalogue that I've looked at show RM155.00 for a set. However, the dealer told me that the set shown is for dealer as sample & demo. I was so frustrated since I am not so eager to buy loose because it will cost me RM305.00.

Then the dealer show me the introduction pack at RM138.00 with free gift (i.e. mini set & parfume). Without further thinking I've bought it and hope it work wonder to me...

Starter pack - RM138.00
Revitalizing 2-in-1 Gel Cleanser 125ml
Revitalizing Mineral Toner 100ml
Revitalizing Day Cream with SPF 25 UVA/UVB 30g
Revitalizing Night Cream 30g
24 Hour Eye Cream for Day & Night 10gx2

Free gifts
Revitalizing 2-in-1 Gel Cleanser 30ml
Revitalizing Mineral Toner 30ml
Flash Facial - Revitalizing Concentrate 10g
Women of Earth 50ml

Here's how Anew Rejuvenate works like a professional facial spa with these technologies:

Step 1: Exfoliation (Deep cleans to smoothen tough texture, lessen appearance of
deep lines) Exfo-Smoothing Complex stimulates the exfoliation step to reveal smoother skin texture & lessen the appearance of deep lines.
Step 2: Extraction (Brings out impurities from the pores, helps shrink pores, refine
complexion) Mini-Extraction Technology Complex replicates the extraction step to deep clean & shrink pores
Step 3: Moisturization (Evens out skintone for a seamless, smoother appearance.) Facial FX Technology Complex is moisturization that strengthens cell bonds and makes skin look smooth & even-toned

Details of the product below extracted from Avon webpage.

Revitalizing 2-in-1 Gel Cleanser
Deep cleanses and tones. Visibly reduces signs of aging. Innovative 2-in-1 gel formula deep-cleans and tones, as it rejuvenates fatigued-looking skin. Formulated with a fusion of pioneering technologies -- Exfo-Smoothing Complex, MiniExtraction Technology and RevitaFresh Technology – inspired by a professional anti-aging facial. Instantly, leaves skin looking and feeling clean, toned, and refreshed. With continued use, improves skin texture and makes pores look tighter. Visibly reduces lines and other signs of aging to reveal fresh, younger-looking skin. Oil-free. Dermatologist-tested. Allergy-tested. 4.2 fl. oz.

TO USE: Apply to wet hands. Lather well and massage over skin until beads dissolve. Rinse and pat dry. Use AM and PM.

Revitalizing Night
PM Lightweight gel-cream works while you sleep, so you awaken to skin that looks fresher and more vibrant. 1.7 fl. oz.

Mini-Extraction Technology: Formulated to work like thousands of micro-extractions to help visibly shrink pores.
Exfo-Smoothing Complex: Designed to resurface skin to help clarify and reveal a fresher, younger look.
Revitafresh Technology: Engineered to reinforce cell bonds and help make skin look more even and smoother.

In just 7 days produces results of a professional anti-aging facial*. Reduces fine lines & visible pore size, smoothes texture & evens skin tone.
In just 2 weeks** dramatically reduces the look of fine wrinkles.
Over time*** 100% of women showed improvement in texture, tone & clarity. Pore size is visibly reduced by 30%.

*Clinical comparison of Night Cream anti-aging benefits after one week versus a professional anti-aging facial performed at a world-leading, luxury hotel spa.
**Based on a consumer-perception study. ***Based on a dermatologist-supervised clinical study.
This will go great with: ANEW REJUVENATE Day Revitalizing Cream SPF 25

Revitalizing Day Cream with SPF 25 UVA/UVB
Like Rejuvenate Night Revitalizing Cream, this lightweight day cream with a patented sun-protection system is uniquely engineered with a breakthrough fusion of pioneering technologies designed to replicate the steps of a professional anti-aging facial:

Exfo-Smoothing Complex: Designed to exfoliate, smooth lines and clarify to help reveal fresher, younger-looking skin. Smoothes rough texture. Lines become less deep.

Mini-Extraction Technology: Formulated to work like thousands of micro-extractions to help deep-clean impurities and tighten pores. Shrinks pore size and strengthens pore structure.

Revitafresh Technology: Engineered to reinforce cell bonds and help make skin look more even and smoother. Cells come together to form smooth seamless skin.

1.7 fl. oz.

In just 2 weeks* 79% of women saw younger-looking skin: smoother skin texture, refined pores, reduced fine lines and more even skin tone.
Over time** 50% improvement in texture, clarity and tone.

*Based on a consumer-perception study. **Based on a dermatologist-supervised clinical study.

"Now you can look like you've spent a fortune on professional anti-aging facials, plus the benefits of a patented sun-protection system - all at a price you can afford! Try Rejuvenuate Day for skin that looks fresher and younger all day." - Rashida Poorman, Executive Director of AVON Skin Care with over 10 years of expertise

Flash Facial - Revitalizing Concentrate
Revitalizing concentrate maximizes your anti-aging benefits. 3X the RevitaFresh technology*. 1 fl. oz.

Mini-Extraction Technology: Formulated to work like thousands of micro-extractions to help visibly shrink pores.
Exfo-Smoothing Complex: Designed to resurface skin to help clarify and reveal a fresher, younger look.
Revitafresh Technology: Engineered to reinforce cell bonds and help make skin look more even and smoother.

Instantly skin feels cooled, looks dramatically revitalized. Texture, tone & the look of pores are visibly improved; visibly blurs imperfections.
In just 7 days Begins to fill in the look of fine lines. Skin tones appears more even; pores seem to vanish.
In just 2 weeks Skin looks dramatically younger.

*Compared with Rejuvenate Night Cream.

Now, I would become a white mouse of my own, will update the status in 3 weeks so that I can compare it before and after fairly.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Natural way to get pregnant

I just bought Omron Basal Thermometer earlier today at Guardian and cost me RM57.90.

What is Basal Thermometer?
According to Wikipedia, A basal thermometer is a thermometer used to take the basal (base) body temperature, the temperature upon waking. Compared to daytime temperatures, basal body temperatures are much less affected by environmental factors such as exercise and food intake...

This is an option to monitor my fertility cycle since I need to take reading every morning, at the same time every day. As any physical activity can increase resting temperature, it is recommended to take BBT reading before I get out of bed and record the reading on fertility chart.

How does BBT Charting "Predict" Ovulation?
BBT charting helps you predict ovulation by determining fertility patterns in your cycle - allowing you to predict ovulation based on your menstrual cycle/BBT history. But because temperature increases take place just following ovulation, BBT charting tells you when you have ovulated, helping you determine when your "window of opportunity" for conception will arrive. Many women use BBT charting and Ovulation Tests together to predict ovulation with increased accuracy.

This is exciting to try before proceed with clinical test since I have yet to manage to get hold of Dr Azizah of Klinik Dr Azizah at Pandan Prima or Dr Zalina of Pusat Rawatan Wanita Zalina at Taman Melati Utama for appointment.

What temperature changes indicate ovulation?
Following ovulation, you can record a minimum body temperature rise of 0.4 to 0.6 degrees - or more. For most women, 96 to 98 degrees is considered a normal basal temperature preceding ovulation. Directly following ovulation, your BBT should rise to between 97 to 99 degrees. Temperature baseline and increase can vary among women. Temperature changes, depending on the individual, can be gradual or sudden. Once you can identify an increase in your basal body temperature, you know that ovulation has taken place.

Hope this would work since I am scared to see doctor. Cross my finger and wish for the best. :)


People around me have been bugging me with sensitive questions lately

"Do you have children?"

I answered "No and still working on it"

Then come the second question

"Don't you want any? Are you on family planning?"

Then I answer politely again "No, I am not on any family planning or what so ever. I wish we have children by now."

With sympathy expression, they would say "Poor you... It's OK. Continue working for it. You're still young... Bla.. Bla.. Bla.."

Frankly speaking, I am annoyed. Even any married couple without children would feel the same.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Misteri Kemayan City

Pagi tadi bestfriend aku citer pasal Kemayan City. dia tanya apa yg aku nampak masa lalu depan kawasan tuh? Aku bgtau nampak bangunan tak siap.

Sebenarnya aku dah lama tak pergi JB. Kali ni g JB attend wedding bestfriend aku ngan ex-collegue opis lama aku.

Haaa... Berbalik citer pasal Kemayan City...

Ada ler satu manusia nih dah lama sgt tak g JB, duk terperuk kat Singapore. So nak dijadikan cerita dia dtg JB dgn tujuan nak visit sedare dia. On the way nak g jumpa sedare, dia lalu depan Kemayan City dan nak dijadikan cerita dia nampak cahaya terang benderang dan siap ada majlis opening ceremony Kemayan Mall!! Sebab meriah dia pun singgah ler dan dia kata penuh org orang membeli belah dan semeriah-meriahnya yang amat.

Selesai membeli belah dia pun pergi ler jumpe sedare dia dan siap cerita pasal kemeriahan Kemayan Mall. So sedare dia pun terkejut & explain yg Kemayan adalah tinggalan bangunan terbengkalan dan sejak bila pulak bangunan tu siap?

Haaa.... So, soklannyer sekarang dia g shopping kat Kemayan tu sapa yang ramai-ramai berpusu-pusu?